Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel


Located between stations X and XI
Located between stations X and XI


Guadalupe is, strictly speaking, the name of a picture; but the name was extended to the church containing the picture and to the town that grew up around the church. The picture is an illustration of Our Lady of Guadalupe according to legend. Oral and written history tells us that the Blessed Mother appeared on December 9, 1531 to 55-year-old Juan Diego, who was hurrying down to Tepeyac hill to hear Mass in Mexico City. Mary told Juan to go to the Bishop and have him build a temple where she stood. Od course, the Bishop did not readily believe Juan.

Mary appeared to Juan again, He asked for a sign so he could prove to the Bishop who she was. Calling herself, Holy Mary of Guadalupe, she told Juan to return to the Bishop. But, first, Juan was to go to the rocks and gather roses. Juan knew this was the wrong time of the year for roses, but he found them and did as Mary said. Mary arranged the roses into Juan's cloak and told Juan to keep them coveres until he reached the Bishop. When he met with Bishop Zumarraga, Juan unfolded his cloak. The roses, fresh and wet with dew fell out. In addition, a life size figure of the Virgin Mother was glowing on his cloak. This was the proof the Bishop needed. The cloak with this picture was venerated, guarded in the Bishop's Chalel, and is still preserved today at the Shrine of Our Lady Of Guadalupe in Mexico.

The people of Spanish descent at St. Caspar asked to honor Mary with this title at the Shrine. With donations and collections and through the help of Father O'Grady, a beautiful status of Our Lady Of Guadalupe was ordered from Mexico. Relatives of Connie Ramos, Marcellino Correa and a friend became the courier to bring this statue to Wauseon. As the Guasalupe Society and the Hispanic membership grows in number and involvement here at St Caspar, This chapel and dedication to Mary is entirely appropriate in this setting. Afeast is celebrated in the church each December 12, the Feast of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.


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