St. Caspar's Vision Statement

     The parishioners of St. Caspar's Catholic Church are committed to show our Christ-centeredness in our worship to God through the Sacraments.  We will extend a warm hospitable welcome to all people who join us in our worship services.

     We recognize the key to Christian formation is through Christian education.  Therefore, we will provide a well rounded educational service to all of our parishioners, the very young to our valued senior members.  Christian education is seen to be the vital element that allows us to grow in our rich Catholic tradition and allows us to enhance our Biblical knowledge.

     Members of St. Caspar's will be eager to extend a helping hand to those in our community, our nation or anywhere in the world who are in need of our assistance.  In the spirit of a unified parish community, we will strive to address and support all of our visual needs with proper physical facilities.